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Guinea Pigs

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Poppy and Daffodil  
Poppy and Daffodil are an adorable pair
of 3-4month old female piggies that arrived
at RSPCA Walsall as part of a large rescue.
The girls hadn't received any handling
before arriving in our care so they are a little
timid at present however they are improving
daily. Poppy is the agouti, tan and white
piggy and Daffodil is the agouti piggy. We
are looking to rehome the girls as a pair,
as they are very close. Can you offer these
girls the loving home they need? The girls
can be reserved now, however they wont be
able to be rehomed until the end of April.
Primrose and Pansy
Primrose and Pansy are a very sweet pair
of guinea pigs who arrived in foster care
at Walsall RSPCA at part of a large rescue.
Primrose is a black and tan crested
guinea pig and Pansy is a white and
black Abyssinian cross breed guinea pig.
Both girls are approx 12 months old.
Primrose and Pansy are an adorable,
friendly pair of girls who wheek for their
food, they are very chatty guinea pigs who
will come over and take food from your hand.
The girls have been health checked by a vet
and are now ready to find their forever home.
Can you offer them the home they deserve?