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Guinea Pigs

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Timon and Pumba
Issac, is an adorable baby male piggy who
arrived at RSPCA Walsall as part of a large
rescue. He is now 7 weeks old and ready to
find his forever home. Issac is a lovely piggy
who is gaining in confidence everday. We
are looking to rehome Issac with an older
male piggy as a companion.
Timon and Pumba are a very handsome
pair of male piggies after their owner
was no longer able to care for them.
Pumba is the cream, white and black
smooth haired piggy and Timon is the
black piggy. Timon and Pumba are
around 2 years old, and have always
lived together. Pumba is the more
confident piggy and will happily come
over to see what you are up to, he is
happy to be handled and have a cuddle.
Timon is quieter, and a little more timid
than his friend. Can you offer Timon and
Pumba the forever home they deserve?
We are looking to rehome these boys
to an indoor home.