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Guinea Pigs

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Millie and Molly
Milly and Molly are a lovely pair of female
piggies that arrived at Walsall RSPCA as
unwanted pets. Milly is the black, white
and tan crested piggy and Molly is the
agouti ridgeback piggy. The girls are only
5-6months of age, and are currently quite
timid and shy. They need an understanding
owner who can give them the time and
patience they require in order to blossom.
Milly and Molly have been health checked
by a vet and are now ready to find their
forever home together.
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking is an adorable
abyssinian piggy that arrived at Walsall
RSPCA as part of a large rescue. Stephen
is a friendly piggy who will happily take veg
from your hand He is a very placid boy and
doesn't mind being handled. Stephen's
exact age is unknown however our vet
estimates he is approximately
12months old.  Stephen has been neutered
and is now ready to live with a female,
or group of female guinea pigs. Can
you offer Stephen his forever home?