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Lois and Lolly
Lois and Lolly are a stunning pair of female
rabbits who arrived in foster care at
RSPCA Walsall as unwanted pets. Lois is a
3 year old steel and white Dutch girl, and
Lolly is a 1 year old grey cross breed rabbit.
The girls loves spending time outside in the
run and although they are timid to begin
with, Lois will happily hop over to greet you.
Lois is the more confident and inquisitive
of the pair, Lolly is a little shyer but with
plenty of time and patience she will
blossom into a lovely rabbit.  Lois and
Lolly have been health checked by a vet,
neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If
you can offer Lois and Lolly their forever
home please get in touch.
Jasper is a handsome neutered male rabbit
who arrived in foster care at Walsall RSPCA
after being abandoned at a local vets.
Jasper's exact age is unknown, however we
estimate him to be around 18 months old.
Jasper is a friendly, inquisitive rabbit who
enjoys spending time in his run. He is
happy to be stroked but prefers to keep all
four paws on the floor. Jasper comes
running to the front of the hutch to see you,
he keeps his hutch very tidy and uses a litter
tray. Jasper has been health checked by a
vet, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
We are looking to rehome Jasper either
with a well matched, neutered female rabbit,
or as a single house rabbit. Can you offer
him the forever home he deserves?